1. The vehicle name, type and sponsor are located at the top of the Dashlands card.

  2. The cost of the vehicle in cans is top right of the dash.

  3. Pips have been blanked out to show maximum ammunition for each of the vehicle’s weapons and upgrades. A red dry wipe marker is tracking ammunition status – Mad Minx only has one shot of NOS and one molotov left!

  4. The car’s build slots, crew, weight and handling are recorded down the right hand side of the card. To maximise usable space on the dashboard, Dashlands uses intuitive icons here instead of text titles.

  5. This area of the card is used to record perks, upgrades that don’t have ammunition, and any other notes about the vehicle.

  6. Just like the weapons and upgrade area, 8 of the 20 hull points pips on the dashboard itself are blanked out to show Mad Minx has 12 hull points. The red dry wipe pen shows she’s taken 9 damage.

  7. 6th gear is blanked on the card to show the max gear of a normal car is 5th. The car’s current gear is tracked with the dry wipe pen.

  8. This car currently has 3 hazard tokens. But it’s also on fire, so it won’t take much to push Mad Minx into wipe out territory!